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Engineering Accessible Design
W4A2005 Workshop Day was the 10th May 2005
Located at the Fourteenth International World Wide Web Conference on May 10-14, 2005, in Chiba, Japan.
Previous engineering approaches seem to have precluded the engineering of accessible systems. This is plainly unsatisfactory. Designers, authors, and technologist are at present playing 'catch-up' with a continually moving target in an attempt to retrofit systems. In-fact engineering accessible interfaces is as important as their functionality's and should be an indivisible part of the development. We should be engineering accessibility as part of the development and not as afterthought or because government restrictions and civil law requires us to. Our workshop will bringing together a cross section of the web design and engineering communities; to report on developments, discuss the issues, and suggest cross-pollinated solutions.
The workshop was held on Tuesday the 10th May 2005 at the Makuhari Messe (Nippon Convention Center). We welcomed 35 attendees and were the biggest workshop at the conference. We accepted 40% of all submissions, each paper was peer reviewed by 3 of our programme committee. Comments from our attendees, and our workshop evaluation questionnaires, suggested that they enjoyed the workshop and would be participating again next year. Our social programme also attracted 17 of our delegates. Overall we judge the workshop to be a great success.
2005 Best Paper Award
Bambang Parmanto et. al., for - AcceSS: accessibility through simplification and summarization
2005 Publications
1. The wording on our logo is pronounced 'minna no tame no webu' which means 'The Web for everyone' or maybe 'A Web for everyone'; red is the celebration colour for Japan (thanks to Chieko Yonezawa and Toby Howard for the translation; and Sachiko Minamitani for the colour advice).
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18 May 2005: Thanks to our PC, Presenters, Attendees and Supporters for making the W4A-2005 such an amazing success.
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