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Building the Mobile Web:
Rediscovering Accessibility?
Located at the Fifteenth International World Wide Web Conference, in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK. The Workshop Date is Monday 22nd and Tuesday 23rd May 2006.
After the launch of the Mobile Web Initiative at the World Wide Web Conference 2005 we are beginning to realise that, today, mobile Web access suffers from interoperability and usability problems that make the Web difficult to use. With the move to small screen size, low bandwidth, and different operating modalities, technology is in effect simulating the sensory and cognitive impairments experienced by disabled users within the wider population of mobile device users. In this our 3rd Workshop we ask the question:
"Is engineering, designing, and building for the mobile Web just a rehash of the same old Web accessibility problems?"
The workshop was held on Monday 22nd and Tuesday the 23rd May 2006 at the Edinburgh International Conference Center. We welcomed 73 attendees and were the biggest workshop at the conference. We accepted 41.6% of all submissions, each paper was peer reviewed by 3 of our programme committee. Comments from our attendees, and our workshop evaluation questionnaires, suggested that they enjoyed the workshop and would be participating again next year. Our social programme also attracted 20 of our delegates. Overall we judge the workshop to be a great success.
2006 Best Paper Award
Shari Trewin, for - Physical Usability and the Mobile Web
2006 Publications
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W4A 2006 Presentations Online
21 June 2006: The W4A 2006 workshop presentations are now online.
W4A 2006 Finished
26 May 2006: The W4A Workshop in Edinburgh is now over. Thanks to our PC, Presenters, 70 Attendees and Supporters for making the W4A-2006 such an amazing success!
Special Issue Agreed
27 Oct 2005: We've now agreed a Special Issue of the Springer Journal - Universal Access in the Information Society (UAIS) for selected papers from the workshop.
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