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Web Accessibility for Older Users
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Co-Located with the Eighteenth International World Wide Web Conference, in Madrid, Spain. The Conference was held on Monday 20th and Tuesday 21st April 2009.

Population demographics indicate that our populations are ageing across the board. As the population ages the financial requirement to work longer is increased, but the ability to work longer is reduced because disability becomes a bar to employment. With the growth of the knowledge economy, and a move from manual work to more thought-based and communication-based activities, there is the very real possibility of older Web users being able to finding productive, fulfilling, and social empowering employment; if only technology, and specifically the Web, where available to them. An ageing but Web literate population indicates a large market for online shopping and services especially when mobility is a problem for the shopper. In this case we wonder how this new population will interact with Web based resources, and what new problems in accessibility will there be to overcome? Will the Web provide the social, employment, and health care benefits currently unavailable to older users? Will complex and highly graphical interfaces exclude ageing users from access? What problems exist, what are the upcoming problems, what solutions are required? How do the adoption patterns for Web access by older people vary across cultures? How do the adoption patterns for Web access by older people vary across cultures? Finally, what effect will an ageing user population have on the wider Web?

2009 Best Paper Award
Sergio Sayago and Josep Blat; for About the Relevance of Accessibility Barriers in the Everyday Interactions of Older People with the Web
2009 John M Slatin Award for Best Communication Paper
Yod Samuel Martin Garcia, Beatriz San Miguel Gonzalez, and Juan Carlos Yelmo Garcia; for Prosumers and Accessibility: How to Ensure a Productive Interaction
2009 Web Accessibility Challenge sponsored by Microsoft: Judges Award
Yevgen Borodin, Glenn Dausch, and I.V.Ramakrishnan; for TeleWeb: Accessible Service for Web Browsing via Phone
2009 Web Accessibility Challenge sponsored by Microsoft: Delegates Award
Greg Gay, Silvia Mirri, Marco Roccetti, and Paola Salomoni; for Adapting Learning Environments with AccessForAll
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