Organising the W4A conference takes a lot of time and effort, for little, to no reward. Indeed, a conference such as this can only proceed at such a high quality based on the volunteerism of a dedicated community of researchers. This year, as with every year, the WEB4ALL Conference Steering Committee would like to thank our chairs and co-chairs for all their hard work over the space of the previous year. Thanks specifically go to:

  • General Co-Chair – Julio Abascal
    UPV/EHU, Spain.
  • General Co-Chair – Markel Vigo
    University of Manchester, UK.
  • Programme Co-Chair – Rui Lopes
    Google, USA.
  • Programme Co-Chair – Paola Salomoni
    University of Bologna, Italy
  • Challenge Co-Chair – Jeffrey P. Bigham
    University of Rochester, USA.
  • Challenge Co-Chair – Yevgen Borodin
    Stony Brook University, USA.
  • Student Awards Co-Chair – Shari Trewin
    IBM TJ Watson, USA.
  • Student Awards Co-Chair – Anna Cavender
    Google, USA
  • Special Issue Co-Chair – Chieko Asakawa
    IBM Research, Japan.
  • Special Issue Co-Chair – Hironobu Takagi
    IBM Research, Japan.