Financial Disclosure


Following good ethical practice, many public officials and employees file annual reports, called Financial Disclosure Statements (FDS), that disclose certain required financial information. The purposes of the financial disclosure requirement are to remind public officials of financial interests that may conflict with their duties and to assist citizens in monitoring the areas of potential conflict of interest of public officials. Public disclosure serves as a deterrent to public officials considering activity that may result in a conflict.


At the W4A we feel no different, you should know who sponsors and supports us, and how much they contribute. As well as how the money is distributed and spent; and how much we save for a ‘rainy day’. We are registered in the UK as a non-profit company and this is where we pay tax and deposit our accounts which are openly available as the WEB4ALL Conference. In addition, we Bank with the Co-operative Bank, which is an ethically sensitive bank. In 1992, after a long consultation with its customers, The Co-operative Bank launched its Ethical Policy – a first amongst UK high street banks (and still unique today). Thirteen years later, The Co-operative Insurance did the same, launching its Ethical Engagement Policy – a world first for the insurance industry – which also underpins The Co-operative Investments business.

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