The Web4All conference is entirely run by volunteers, who have regular jobs working long hours. They do not receive any fee for their work on the W4A conference, and the conference itself does not make a profit. Indeed we are registered with UK tax authorities, who audit our accounts to confirm that we do not make any profit on a yearly basis (and so are not liable to pay tax).

This means that, sometimes the services that we would like to provide, and that some people may expect, are not possible without sponsorship or volunteer effort. Sign language interpretation is one such service, live transcription is another.

Live USTEAM Transcription

We cannot provide live USTREAM transcription, without sponsorship or volunteer effort. We would like to provide the service using twitter at #w4a12live,  however, this is not possible without volunteers. In this case, if you would like to volunteer to transcribe the USTREAM feed – wherever you are in the world – via twitter, this would be much appreciated.  Please contact our general chair for more information.