The conference fee includes the W4A conference pack and proceedings, all 4 WWW2013 coffee breaks, 2 WWW2013 lunches, and the W4A Conference Meal. You can find out more details on W4A conference pricing on the W4A Fees page.

W4A Registration is handled through the WWW Conference Infrastructure at WWW 2013 Registration page. You can register at WWW 2013 Registration Form.

Student’s Information

Students must submit an official Institute / University certificate or letter containing the signature of the legally responsible for the institution with their registration to confirm their student status. Documentation must be sent to the Conference Secretariat e-mail: until May 3, 2013.

IMPORTANT: Failure to submit the documentation required will lead to cancellation of the student registration.
The deadline for submission supporting documentation for students registration is May 3. Participants who do not submit the requested documentation entries will be automatically canceled and will be charged a fine of 50% of the registration fee.

Payment Information

Registrations can be paid online using a credit card, via international transfer, via “commitment note” (available only to Brazilian Government Agencies). See more details on

Sign language captioning

The conference language is UK English, we consider sign language to be a separate and distinct visual language and so the closest alternative accessibility technology would be real time captioning. If a request for captioning is received at the time of registration then we will provide this service, we will make a statement on the registration system as to the availability of captioning so that no-one is misled – the only reason that captioning would not be provided is that the price would mean the conference would run at a deficit. Our preferred remote Communication Access Realtime Translation (CART) service is Caption First based on their netCAPTION service.