Camera Ready Instructions

Instructions to prepare the camera ready

You now need to create your Camera Ready Copy for publication no later than March 27th; here is what you need to do:

  1. Technical papers are up to 10 pages, communications up to 4 pages, and all other papers are 2 pages;
  2. Take a final look at your responsibility as an author;
  3. Make the revisions as suggested by your reviewers and as discussed in your rebuttals (this is part of you implicit contract with us to publish);
  4. Make sure you have changed your copyright block to bottom left of the front page – so that the ‘Submission Type’ states either ‘Technical’, ‘Communication’, ‘The Paciello Group Challenge’, ‘Google Student Award’, ‘Keynote’, or ‘After Dinner’; Example: W4A2013 – Technical or W4A2013 – Communication.
  5. As conference name and location use:
    W4A2013 – Communication, May 13-15, 2013, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
    Co-Located with the 22nd International World Wide Web Conference.
  6. Change your ISBN to this years number 978-1-4503-1844-0; in Word just replace the x’s on the bottom line of the block, in the LaTeX use \crdata{xxxx}.
  7. Now you must register so we know you intend to come along and present; Notice that deadline for early bird registration is on March 25th.
  8. Produce an accessible PDF version of the paper.
  9. Send your completed accessible PDF paper back via email to W4A General Chairs but in your email add a plain text version of your title, abstract, authors and their affiliations, and finally your W4A registration number;
  10. Take a look at your responsibility as a presenter; The W3C-WAI provides some resources to make your presentations accessible in How to Make Presentations Accessible to All.
  11. As a presenter you are making an implicit agreement to be filmed or recorded if the W4A decides to create Audio Visual resources as the conference proceeds;
  12. You will then receive an email from the ACM detailing their copyright requirements, please follow these to the letter as we cannot publish without your copyright forms;
  13. Find the procedures to get your visa;
  14. Remember to add yourself to our Lanyrd Conference.

We are really looking forward to meeting you at W4A 2013, and you will bet more logistical information by email direct to you nearer to the conference dates.