Judges for the Accessibility Challenge


  • The Challenge Chair (CC) will have contacted the Judge to take part in the Accessibility Challenge. Judges are chosen given their track records and their experience in accessibility, usability, and accessible software research and development.
  • Being a Judge in the Accessibility Challenge competition means reviewing a number of submissions which consist of a short paper (usually not more than 2 pages) and a short video (generally uploaded to YouTube) and voting for two of them: one for the first place and one for the second place. This will ensure the CC has an alternative option in case of a tie for the first place.
  • The Judge will be given a booklet with the entries to the Challenge, and the Internet addresses of the videos.
  • The entries should be judged in terms of their technical merit, the potential of deployment, and the number of people it could positively impact.
  • Once the Judge has made his or her two choices, they will communicate them directly by email to the Challenge Chair, the person who contacted them.

The W4A Challenge is vital, active, and of high quality only through your volunteerism and participation. Thank you again for your help.