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Joint W4A/WWW 2013 Panel on “Bring your own device!”

Wednesday May 15th 17:00- 18:30 (Room Queluz III: on the First lower floor)

  • Open to all WWW2013 and W4A2013 Attendees
  • #w4apanel13 #w4a13


  • Eugene Borodin – SUNY Stony Brook and Charmtech Labs (USA);
  • Scott Hollier – MediaAccess (Australia);
  • Hironobu Takagi – IBM Research (Japan);
  • Shadi Abou-Zahra – W3C

Bring your own device!

This panel will cover broad aspects of web access and usability including those related to device-independence, ubiquitous access, access to distributed interfaces or multiple-screen use. We will explore how previous work on traditional web access and usability benefits mobile access. We will emphasise on how this is seen by developers, academics and industry.

We want the views of Web Engineers / Scientists / Developers / Accessibility Specialists.

A major benefit of this panel is that it will bring together the W4A and WWW community; and make explicit the views that these communities have on “Bring your own device!” – thereby creating a shared understanding. We see this more of a focus group in which audience participation will be vital, and so will confine each panelist to a 5 minute presentation followed by a discussion by all.

The panel will be very interactive and will make use of social networking sites such as twitter, Facebook, etc. Further, we will be making voice and video recordings of the session – sharing this information with the community for others to have the chance to interpret the data for their own purposes – and stream the panel for remote participation.

Your participation is critical to the panel session; your views will make it into a research output which may help change the nature of the Web Accessibility field.