W4A Unconference

Calling all designers, coders, accessibility experts, and people with disabilities to participate in our W4A Unconference

Please Join Us!

On Wednesday, 25th April, delegates will have access to W4A informal ‘unconference’ activities. W4A brings together developers, researchers and practitioners from all over the world, many of whom share interests or are working on similar solutions to support accessibility for a range of users. We will provide a space to facilitate discussion, foster collaboration and build new relationships in the community among W4A delegates who are recognised experts in their field.

Whether it be a mini-hackathon for developers to investigate technical solutions to accessibility, a moderated group discussion to debate current or future trends in the field or a place for PhD students to share experiences and challenges, we invite you to actively contribute to the W4A conference program.

While topics and areas of interest can be suggested during the conference, we invite delegates to submit on-going projects and topics for discussion to be considered beforehand to enable us to maximise your benefit from these sessions. Please contact the General Chairs directly with suggestions (gc2018@w4a.info).

Highlights from the 2017 Accessibility Hack

More details coming soon