Sponsorship Opportunities

Become a Sponsor

There are a number of sponsorship opportunities available for your company:

  • Web Accessibility Challenge: Sponsor the prizes for the winners of the web accessibility challenge.
  • W4A Dinner: Contribute to the costs of the dinner for the W4A delegates on May 13.
  • Keynotes: Sponsor the travel expenses of one of our keynote speakers.
  • Student Grants: W4A tries to get as many students as possible to attend the conference.
  • Hackathon: W4A will be followed by a 2 day hackathon on Accessibility and Personalization. There are a number of sponsorship opportunities available, from sponsoring prizes, meals, or transportation for participants. You can also support us by sending some of your developers to participate.

Please contact gc2019@w4a.info for more info.

Become a Supporter

If you would like to support our efforts and the W4A community by providing a dedicated, complementary service, please contact gc2019@w4a.info. We are particularly looking for support in the areas of captioning, video recording of sessions, audio description, sign language translation, transportation for delegates.