Intuit Student Grants

The W4A Student Grant – sponsored by Intuit – aims to help students, who may not have the financial means to attend W4A, participate in the conference and have their work recognized. Four students will receive up to $500 USD to supplement conference fees, travel, and lodging expenses while attending the conference.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Participants must be active graduate or undergraduate students at a postsecondary institution, and have early work accepted for publication to W4A2019;
  • Students who are participating in the Persons with Disabilities Award or the Doctoral Consortium are not eligible for the Student Grant.

Application Requirements

Candidates interested in applying for a W4A Student Grant are required to:

  • Submit an Application for a Student Grant to [Student Grant Application PDF, Student Grant Application DOC ];
  • Submit a letter of support from the student’s research advisor;
  • Have had accepted one of the top four technical, communication, or challenge papers, following the submission requirements of the main track;
  • Commit to attend and present the paper at the W4A2019 conference;
  • Submit receipts for reasonable travel and accommodations, after the conference.


  • TBD

NB: All finish at Pacific Standard Time (UTC-8).

Student Grants for various categories of participants are made possible by Intuit, Google, and IBM
Inquiries about the Student Grant should be sent to