Accessibility Challenge

The 15th “Web Accessibility Challenge” is your opportunity to showcase advanced Web and Mobile technologies to technical leaders from academia and industry. The main goal of the Challenge is to encourage and accelerate the development of innovative and usable technologies, as well as provide feedback from end-users and experts in the field. The Challenge is where experimental systems and technologies are compared and evaluated both by the delegates and an independent panel of judges to identify the most significant advances in accessibility research that year. Our deadlines have been chosen to give successful applicants as much time as possible for making their travel and accommodation arrangements.


  • Delegates Award is decided by the audience.

Challenge Details for Delegates

This year the W4A Web Accessibility Challenge will involve a 10-minute presentation including:

    • A slide pitch presentation
    • A video demonstration of the presented solution

Presentation Session:

During the presentation, each Challenge entrant will “pitch” their solution to delegates and articulate the innovative aspects of their technology and how it advances accessibility and usability. Their presentation will define the accessibility issue their technology solves, and describe the innovations one can expect to see during the demonstration video that will follow. The presenter may or may not allocate time for questions during the session.

Delegates will be given access to a virtual poll for selecting their favourite demo for the Web Accessibility Challenge Delegates’ Award. The poll will be distributed through the Telegram mobile chat platform and the access to the voting channel will be provided during the conference.

Video Gallery

This year we received a total of 6 high-quality entries, focusing on different areas of web, media and real-world accessibility. The solutions provide a collection of innovations that support the needs of a diverse range of users, fitting the ethos of the W4A Conference perfectly.

The videos are published on the W4A’20 Accessibility Challenge Youtube Channel


Submission materials and details

First: A two-page abstract in PDF format should be submitted via OpenConf. The submission should follow the formatting requirements of the main track. It may include limited references.

Second: After completing the submission of the PDF file, it is now possible to add the supplementary files (the demonstration media file and the optional software).

  • For large movie files, you can consider alternative methods for submission such as posting on YouTube; in this case, please add a tag “#w4a2020” to the movie, and submit a file with the URL of the movie. The maximum length of the movie is 5 minutes.
  • Abstracts and movies should emphasize the innovative ideas in the system; do not demonstrate whole functions including usual or average functions.
  • The demonstration movies should be non-visually accessible; please consider adding audio descriptions and not adding unnecessary audio (e.g., background music).

System requirements

  • Any kind of system that improves usability and accessibility is acceptable, such as mobile applications, assistive technologies, voice browsers, browser plug-ins, server-based services, telephony systems, etc.
  • Open source systems are welcome

Conference attendance

A presentation and demonstration will be part of the W4A event, thus attendance of at least one author is mandatory.


If you have any questions relating to the submission process, please email