Best Technical Paper

Understanding and Improving Drilled-Down Information Extraction from Online Data Visualizations for Screen-Reader Users — Ather Sharif, Andrew Mingwei Zhang, Katharina Reinecke and Jacob O. Wobbrock

Best Communication Paper

Authoring Web-accessible Mathematical Diagrams — David Austin and Volker Sorge

Accessibility Challenge Judges’ Award

AutoChemplete – Making Chemical Structural Formulas Accessible — Merlin Knaeble, Gabriel Sailer, Zihan Chen,Thorsten Schwarz, Kailun Yang, Mario Nadj, Rainer Stiefelhagen and Alexander Maedche

Accessibility Challenge Delegates’ Award

UnlockedMaps: A Web-Based Map for Visualizing the Real-Time Accessibility of Urban Rail Transit Stations — Ather Sharif, Aneesha Ramesh, Qianqian Yu, Trung-Anh H. Nguyen and Xuhai Xu