Resort World Sentosa


The 21st International Web for All Conference (W4A’24), the premier venue for web accessibility research, will take place in Singapore. W4A is co-located with the 33rd International World Wide Web Conference – TheWebConf’24. The conference focuses on all aspects of web accessibility. Areas of general interest include, but are not limited to the following: age, cognition, culture, education, emotions, dexterity, disability, diversity, health, hearing, income, infrastructure, language, learning, literacy, mobility, neurodiversity, situation, society, and vision.

AI for Accessibility

This year, W4A’s theme is “Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Accessibility.” The Web is a platform for data and services accessible to everyone, and efforts towards Web accessibility aim to make the platform indispensable for individuals with disabilities and all others who require accessibility support. The accessible Web with structured texts is not only beneficial for humans but also has been serving as a foundation for recent dramatic advancements in AI. It has grown to recognize various information modalities and make them accessible in other required forms, such as summarizing lengthy articles for speech output and automatically generating descriptions for images and videos. Beyond these capabilities, AI holds tremendous potential to dramatically improve education, employment, and daily life for everyone who needs accessibility support. We anticipate a transformative era where we harness AI’s full potential to enhance accessibility. How can we bolster AI capabilities to improve Web accessibility? How will multi-modal AI engines substitute the missing sensory capabilities? How can we utilize the power of AI for rehabilitation? Can AI enable new assistive technologies like cognitive assistance for older people? How can AI impact beyond the cyber world, such as navigation technologies in an urban area?