Liddy Nevile


After decades of working on recommendations and standards to increase the accessibility of the Web, including all the resources, the speaker is working on some international standards that it is hoped will complement the work of the W3C communities. How to encode material so all can enjoy it is a response to the problem that many users face disability when they want to engage with resource content or services. W3C communities have done an incredible amount of collaborative work to discover useful techniques. Standards are now emerging for description of resource attributes to enable everyone to access any content, aligned to the context in which they are operating at the time. This talk will cover some of the history and what is coming.


Liddy has been involved in accessibility developments for the Web since the mid-1990’s. She has participated in W3C working groups, the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative, and most recently in International Standards Organisation work. With colleagues, she convened the Australian Web Accessibility Initiative’s annual conference for several decades, and wrote about accessibility and standards and metadata. She is co-editor for several ISO standards. She chairs the Victorian Government’s Disability Discrimination Legal Service and leads a project to control rabbits in the local environment.