Web4All and The Web Conference Speaker Guide

Read the full technology guide: MiTeam user guide for Web4All Conference speakers (.pdf)

We are fully dedicated to creating Event Experience Platform MiTeam with as simple and user-friendly UX/UI as possible. Yet this Short guide might assist you in speaking on events if necessary.

General advice

As all video conferencing platforms we would like to advise you on a few actions, which will make your participation more stable and enjoyable.

  • MiTeam is generally used in browser with full functionality and does not require you to download an app, therefore browser privacy rules dictate some of the features
  • Use a good quality microphone on a headset or stand-alone type. Integrated microphones in your PC can be of low quality. Wireless headsets can be a source of instability
  • Provide and test source of light to have a good video
  • Provide wired internet connection or be as close as possible to your WiFi
  • Restart the computer before the session. Make sure that no other unnecessary applications are opened. Video conferencing applications like Zoom and Teams can cause blocking of your devices
  • Close ALL unnecessary browser windows and tabs
  • Disable adblocking software if the video player does not load.
  • In case of unpredicted trouble refresh your browser
  • Please make sure to perform a complete test of your network, devices and screenshare at least one hour in advance. The organizer team is available to assist you with any problem.
  • The quality of your network can be tested at WebRTC Troubleshooter
  • Important: If you will open TWC in a browser incognito mode, some chat features may not work.

Registration and sign in

Before the event, you have received an email invitation to join The Web Conference. Click on “JOIN:TWC”button (1) to join the event.

Find hte Join TWC button in the email invitation

Email Invitation

Now you have to create your account. Enter your desired username (2) and password (3) with 6 characters minimum. Then click on Register (4).

Username and password fields on the create account screen

Registering an account

You only need to register once. When you sign in next time the signing form will appear where you have to enter your username or email address and password provided when registering. If you forgot your password, there is a “Forgot your password?” button where you can set a new password.

Username and password inputs on sign in screen

Sign in screen

You have successfully entered the The Web Conference homepage with key information you might need during the event.

On the left side is a menu (5), where you can access different event sessions and content. In the middle of the web page (6) is where the content is displayed and on the top right-hand side is your profile information (7) where you can edit your activity status and profile information.

Enter your Session room

Your session will be live-streamed from the session video conference room. As a speaker, you will enter the Pre Event Session Room, where you will join other speakers on the video conference call and create a great event.

To join the Event room you can navigate to it using Agenda or Sessions links on the Home page or using buttons on the vertical Menu. Look for your Session and select it.

Before the start of the webcast/livestream you will be able to freely talk to other speakers in the video conference session and start your screen share and you will be notified by the moderator before Live transmission will start.

Moderator will provide necessary management of the live stream content by selecting relevant screenshare or camera video.

Select your session room

You can find your session room on Agenda (8). In addition to that, the links to the room are also on the Home and Sessions tabs in Menu.

The home page will be for the Web Conference with a list of sessions

Home page

Session list


Select your session room. The session information page will open. To join the speakers’ room click on the “Join” button (9).

Conference information with join button

Join session page