Information for Authors

Presentation Modality

We highly encourage authors to do a live presentation of their work. We are convinced that this will provide dynamism to the event. If this presentation modality is chosen, it is generally good practice to have a contingency plan (e.g. a pre-recorded video or a second presenter on stand-by), in case unexpected issues arise. There is no need to submit your slides in advance.

Submitting a pre-recorded video of the presentation is also possible. Authors who prefer this option should send their videos to the PC chairs at by Sunday, April 17th. Please note the following:

  • Videos should be submitted in .mp4 format, 720p or 1080p.
  • Authors need to make sure that both the presenter and the slides are correctly displayed in the video.
  • Including video captions is highly recommended, but not compulsory – we will provide live captioning during the conference.
  • Authors may submit their videos via the file transfer service of their choice (e.g. Dropbox, WeTransfer).

Regardless of the presentation mode chosen, authors are expected to be available online for their corresponding Q&A slot.

The time allocated to each paper type is as follows:

  • Technical papers: 15 min (presentation) + 5 min (Q&A)
  • Communication papers: 10 min (presentation) + 5 min (Q&A)
  • Accessibility Challenge papers: 10 min (presentation) + 5 min (Q&A)
  • DC student presentations: 10 min (presentation) + 5 min (Q&A)

The videos will be published on the W4A youtube channel.


Authors should make sure that their presentation is accessible. Please check the following resources:

Similarly, we strongly encourage authors to use a headset microphone instead of a microphone built into their PC, so that their audio can be recognized more accurately by UDTalk (live captioning).

ASL interpretation will be provided during the two days of the conference. Authors are encouraged to speak at a proper cadence – do not speak too fast.